About Us

All our products are hand-made using superior quality materials sourced from long-established perfumers and fragrance oil specialists. These oils are premium scent based and do not contain any inhibitors/chemicals to elongate the fragrance throw.
Each oil blend has its own characteristics that infuse differently with each other enabling you to experience fragrances from bizarre, unusual to fascinating and just amazing.
On experiencing these fragrances for the first time, you will notice the difference immediately. Majority of the blends have been known to fragrance up to 4 times longer than production line pre-made scents.
Our fragrance and essential oils come from Europe whereupon we have spent many years sourcing only the very best that you, as a connoisseur of pure fragrance, expect.
In our ongoing quest to formulate the 'perfect' collection of high-class and unrivalled creations we have learned over the years to 'never' sacrifice quantity for quality. You will encounter many fragranced products in your search for the very best at a bargain price. In your search you will find products that 'look' great, the price is 'great' but 'is' the quality what you deserve?
If you are serious about fragrancing your home with high quality natural products, sometimes it pays to spend a little extra that will outlast any 'bargain'.
Each product can take up to 48 hours to produce, making them exclusive. Initially, it took many months of careful preparation of wax blending to create the final recipes vital for achieving the finished texture and distinctive look of our products.
Ultimately, our products are an amazing vehicle for the fabulous fragrances that we select so carefully - and choosing to work with natural base preparations to ensure that every part of the product is scented.
All of our products have been tried, tested, proven and used every day in the most humid extremes of the harsh Australian climate at 99% humidity in the top end of the Northern Territory. How do we know? That's where we live!