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Aroma Kaz journey began way back in 2007. My dearly treasured Mum passed away suddenly and left me a very small inheritance and at the time I had just moved from Western Australia to the Northern Territory with my husbands work in the mining industry and was working from home doing web design courses. With a passion for using my craft abilities and with online stores in its infancy I wanted my own online craft store but unsure which direction to go. One weekend my husband noticed an ad in the local newspaper for a soap business for sale but it was way out of my price range but I thought I could do that! Google became my best friend and so started from scratch in a spare bedroom with a small desk shelving unit and crates for a work bench. I devoured everything I could possibly find on Google and studied hard at everything I could find. I started with basic fragrance blends for gifts for mum, I did baby soaps, perfume soaps and a christmas range.
In late 2008 I was ready to open my first online store called Gifts & Soaps. Australia at that time only had on offer 2 fragrance companies that sold a very limited amount of fragrance choices which were 'of the shelf' and I wanted to offer an array of choices for my customers from the exotic to the beautiful florals of the world, sweet & delicious treats and woody amazements, fruity & citrus blends that burst from the onset and clean fresh scents that relax. So I searched world wide for premium fragrances and began courses in aromatherapy, wellness product blending and perfume making. I learned how to blend oils and bring the very best out of each level of notes in perfumes and fragrance blends. I was fortunate to be blessed with 2 fabulous mentors in perfume making. One in Canada and 1 in the USA. Both over the years have taught me the most amazing processes of bringing the very best out in each fragrance with a finished result that burst the senses. Today I make over 300 plus amazing self made fragrance blends that you will not find anywhere else. Each one if blended to perfection, by me, at the time you order - ensuring you get the very freshest product and not some old stock that has been sitting on a shelf.
Nearing the end of 2009 I decided to delve into the candle world. I first started with making palm wax pillars and votive candles. To say this journey was frustrating is an understatement. I really thought all you had to do was melt wax, add some colour put in some fragrance add a wick and voila - a candle is born. NOPE that is not how it happens and still today I get so many that message me wanting to learn how to make candles and I think back to when I started and the many that I just threw in the pool with frustration. So many factors to study - the temperature pouring, when to add the fragrance, the different size wicks, oh and the brand of the wick, I only choose pure cotton and not the zinc lined. How much colour to add to get that exact right colour. When to layer, how to fill sink holes, oh I could go on. But I never let it beat me and I finally overcame everything though this was months and months later before I sold my very first candle.
Palm wax candles are something to behold and one that should be experienced by all candle lovers. They have the most fascinating features. As they burn, they burn down the middle leaving a shell. Once the candle has been enjoyed you can put a tea light candle in the middle of the shell and watch the flames dance through the shell which creates a brilliant show of light. Palm wax candles are ones that are like a fine wine - the longer you leave them the stronger they get. I am still burning candles today that I made way back in 2010 - over 12 years later.
In 2010 eco soy wax became the thing. So I began my candle melt collections. These were packs of 20 scents and instantly became such a massive hit I had to slow down. *Please note these will be coming back soon so stay tuned.
I added votive candles, jar candles, tin candles, fluted candles and custom made candles.
2010 was a big year as I now had my soaps, aroma beads, palm candles, soy melts, jar candles, pillar candles, candle packs and votive candles. Things were moving very quickly and now was time to really be serious. So I needed an online store that reflected my ranges and bring my collections to the world. Thus Aroma Kaz was born. 
As 2010 came to a close and my online store started to get a lot of attention due to my ever growing fragrance range and products I had so many customers asking if there would be any way I could expand my fragrances to other product lines. Room sprays, perfume roll ons, hair & body products, mens products and home decor. It took me a long time to perfect my sprays and many again went into the pool with frustration. (Yes my pool was getting very full at this time). But I never gave up. I would say it took a good 5 months to get it right to where I wanted to be with perfecting them.
2011 began with an addition of perfume & cologne roll on fragrances, body oils, bath oils, shower gels, body wash, massage oils and bubble baths. These too took time to perfect but the end results certainly were worth the tears. Middle of 2011 then came the MENS time. I had a limited amount of mens fragrances and so many asking me please to bring more out. So I was back into the production room, a room to this day that is part of my home where all the magic happens, and worked hard and centred on the masculine side with the help of my husband as my guinea pig. Today I offer over 30 plus fragrance blends just for men in over 15 products.
Aroma Kaz prides itself in respecting our lifestyle and planet. I use recycled boxes, eco friendly hex wrap, recycled plant based mailing bags and where possible least amount of cello tape. As Aroma Kaz sends all over the world I do at times use bubble wrap as much as I hate to but this too is eco friendly. ALL products excepting Diffusers, are made using a natural base as in mineral spring waters for sprays that are straight out of the ground. Yes the water comes direct straight out of our ground on our rural property in Virgina, Northern Territory, Australia. You will never find the best drinking water as we are blessed to live on a high ground rocky plot whereupon the water goes through an abundance of natures very own rock formation to bring the very best. On our hottest days, which are many here in the topics, to go to the water tank and get a glass of water straight from the ground is purely something to experience. Bottled water is not even close to the taste. 
Aroma Kaz has grown with so many regular customers from all over the world. I have been truly blessed with the chance to make so many 'friends' from all walks of life and different cultures. Sending parcels every week to Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, UK, USA, Canada, Etsonia, Ukraine, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Austria, gosh so many to name.
Aroma Kaz never stands still. I am forever blending and bringing new fragrance blends to enjoy and have new products coming out in the next few months. If you have any suggestions, custom made requests, or alike please do feel free to reach out. Again if you have any problems, a special event or would like that 'something different' made reach out I am available 7 days a week 365 days a year. Aroma Kaz never sleeps. It has been my passion since day one and will be until the end.

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House of Candles was officially opened online by me, Karen Clarke in March 2010 in the Northern Territory, Australia where is continues to thrive to this day.