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Craft candle and soap making fragrance oils are strong and high quality and can be used for just about any product or craft you seek to fragrance. They are long lasting with a shelf life in excess of 12 months. They can be used in candle making, soap making, bath and body products, perfume making, diffusers, potpourri sachets, incense making, room sprays, pillow mists, linen sprays, car air fresheners, oil burners including electric and so much more.

It is highly recommended you do your own testing for final results. They cannot be put directly on the skin and must be diluted with a carrier oil. For use with diffusers, room sprays, incense making etc they must be diluted with bases. *Some fragrances will vary in shades from light to dark pending on the blend you choose and will react differently to your finished product hence why testing in important.

They are free from alcohol and ammonia and colorants, are vegan and are not tested on animals. They are sourced from Europe, USA, Canada & Australia and are high quality and uncut raw fragrance.

How to Use - (this is just a guideline your own testing is highly recommended)

  • Soap making at 3% maximum per ratio of soap base
  • Candles at a maximum of 8% per total wax volume
  • Candle melts maximum 10% per total wax volume
  • Room, Body, Linen, Car sprays maximum of 20 - 30% per ratio carrier oil and water
  • Diffusers - 20 - 35% per ratio of diffuser base
  • Potpourri Sachets - to suit your own strength
  • Oil Burners - a few drops as needed
  • Add one or 2 drops to your bath under running water
  • Cleaning products
  • Body Lotions, body butters and creams
  • Hair mist sprays
  • Incense making
  • Shampoo bars & Hair Conditioners, Shower & Bath Gels

Bottle dimensions and sizing 

10ml/.35oz     - Height 5cm/1.95in       Width 2cm/0.78in
50ml/1.75oz   - Height 8.5cm/3.34in     Width 3cm/1.18in
100ml/3.52oz - Height 11.5cm/4.52in   Width 3.5cm/1.37in
200ml/7.03oz - Height 15.5cm/6.10in   Width 4.5cm/1.77in.

This product is a House of Candles own formulation and is not part of nor has any association with any other product with the same or similar name. Images are for illustration purposes only and just a depiction of the fragrance and the actual purchased item is a bottle of fragrance oil in the size and scent you order. If you are unsure of a scent purchasing a smaller size bottle is highly recommended and to do your own testing. Most scents may not smell the same out of the bottle as they do in the finished product. There is no refunds if you simply do not like the scent. House of Candles is not responsible for any product you choose to make with these fragrance oils.  Labels & packaging may be slightly different than in the main picture pending stock availability at the time of ordering.