Diffuser Fragrance Oils

Rattan Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oil Refill Made In Australia Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free

House of Candles reed Diffuser fragrance oils are amazing with their versatility. They are high quality and long lasting with a shelf life of over 12 months. Fantastic during the cold winter months for a soothing warm addition to any mood. Fabulous for summer for a cooling refreshing sensational addition for any occasion.

How do I use Diffuser Oils? Diffusing is low maintenance, reliable and enduring. Simply pour your diffuser oil into a glass or ceramic bottle, vase or alike. Place your rattan reeds into your oil spaced. Enjoy. It's that easy. Turn reeds weekly to refresh the scent and change your reeds regularly. As reeds are made of Rattan they are susceptible to your home elements. Dust is the biggest traitor. Reeds will pick up anything travelling in the air and will clog the receptacle used to wick your scent through the channels. Be sure to use 'Rattan Reeds' and NOT Bamboo or Skewers. Diffusing works at its best when placed in areas that have free flow of air. Fragrance and essential oils will harm wooden, plastic and other surfaces diffuser oils must only be used in conjunction with glass or ceramic containers and surfaces.

Why Buy This Product?

  • No evaporation or loss of scent as they are DPG FREE
  • Created with high premium fragrance and/or essential oils
  • FREE Rattan Reeds with each bottle
  • You control the strength - weaker less reeds, stronger add more reeds
  • Reliable and enduring with no flame luxurious fragrance
  • 100% Australian Made
  • BONUS - Created with 4 times more fragrance oil

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