Scented organic rose petals and buds and drenched in your chosen fragrance blend then sealed in a pouch to preserve your fragrance. (No one likes a dry product that only lasts a few days hence these come drenched in your chosen scent for pure enjoyment and lasting scent throw).

How to use as Scented Potpourri - Tip your botanicals into a glass or ceramic dish where they are left to dry and enjoyed. They will dry out within a few hours giving your home a huge burst of fragrance that lasts and lasts.

How to use as Scented Bath Tea Once dried they are ready for bath time. Simply fill your organza bag with your botanicals and hang over your tap and let the water run through for the most amazing scented bath. Lay back relax and enjoy! To re-use simply dry and enjoy again. Easy and everlasting. Each pouch carries 30 grams of heavily scented potpourri.

Value for Money - Fragrance oils available in store to boost your potpourri when the scent has waned. Simply pour a few drops onto your botanicals and your potpourri is ready to be enjoyed again giving you excellent value for your money. You only need a few drops to kick start your potpourri giving this product, when looked after, years and years of enjoyment.

Added Uses - Simply fill organza bags. Can be hung just about anywhere you seek to fragrance but also fabulous to put in undergarment drawers, in linen cupboards, amongst towels and a magical greeting for your guest rooms. Lavender, Chamomile and many other essential oil blends are amazing as Dream Pillows. They enable an enhanced sleep and relaxation. Awesome as a Christmas decoration on Christmas Trees. There are many Christmas scents to choose from or many personal favourites to be found.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Lay back relax and enjoy the most amazing bath time experience
  • Comes with an organza bag
  • Pure perfection to lay among undergarments and clothes drawers
  • They can be hung in closets, cars, pantries, wardrobes, cupboards, doorknobs
  • Excellent in cars, boats, caravans, shacks and guest houses
  • The perfect travelling companion. A must have in any suitcase
  • Fabulous for hanging on Christmas Trees
  • Made with high premium fragrance oils and/or essential oil

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