Brighten your home with this amazing Room Air Freshener Spray that has been created and designed with the home in mind to remove and replace bad odours so not only is this product amazing for scenting the entire home with very little maintenance it can be used 12 months of the year with minimal fuss and cost. Long lasting and absolute luxury one spray lasts hours. Fabulous for summer for a cooling refreshing sensational addition for any occasion. Fantastic during the cold winter months for a soothing warm addition to any mood.

Why are our premium Room Air Freshener Sprays, Linen Sprays and Pillow Mists such great value for money? House of Candles scented air freshener sprays are designed as pump sprays and not aerosols and do NOT contain alcohol which not only evaporates into the air where you lose as much as 40% of your fragrance but is also highly dangerous for your well being. Pump sprays allow 'you' to control the mist and as these premium Spray Mists are based on mineral water your home and well being will love.

Each one is made with natural mineral spring waters, premium fragrance oils and high quality essential oils. Designed as convenient on-the-go sprays that bursts with a cooling, refreshing and best of all - energizing feel every time. They are 100% Australian Made set upon a base of natural mineral waters infused with high quality essential oils and fragrance oils. They are also totally versatile and have many many uses - NOW THAT'S VALUE ALONE!

Important Ingredient Information -

  • NO dpg
  • NO Aluminum chlorohydrate
  • NO Aluminum chlorohydroxide
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Alcohol
  • Australian Made
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals

    **Sprays are made with natural mineral waters so before using on any fabrics manchester linens or materials test a small hidden area first.