Soy wax scented candle melts are not only highly scented creations that are the epitome of home fragrancing, they are the unparalleled asset for anyone seeking the perfect way to bring high quality fragrances into your world. The ease in which candle melts can be enjoyed is certainly effortless and the enjoyment is second to none.

Why are these packs of scented candle melts such great value for money? Designed to be used in oil burners and electric oil burners each pack will give you 80 plus wonderful hours of pure fragrance bliss.

How to Use - Each clam melt pack is shaped like a block of chocolate that comprises of 6 blocks. Candle melts are wickless creations. Simply snap of one block and place into the top of your oil burner, light an unscented tea light underneath - enjoy hours of pure fragrance bliss! It doesn't get any easier than that. These creations are also perfect for electric burners. To replace your melt once the fragrance has gone simply slide out the old wax or reheat and wipe out the old wax and put in another melt. If you spill wax on floors, surfaces simply clean up with hot soapy water.

All Day Scent - Love coming home to a fabulous inviting aroma? You don't have to burn these creations to enjoy them. Leave them in a decorative plate laying around enjoying the sun and come home to an amazing fragrance burst. Fabulous to put in towel cupboards, drawers, guest rooms etc.

Ingredients & Packaging - Ecosoy wax, vegetable dyes, Fragrance oils and/or Essential Oils. Created in a plastic clam melt pack with a lid for you to close to keep your melts as fresh as the day they were made.