Brighten your home with this amazing Air Freshener Spray that has been created and designed with the home in mind to remove and replace bad odours AND enjoying the comfort of cooling with a luxurious range of fresh and exciting scents. Enabling the user to enjoy both with an added bonus to be used with heating so not only is this product amazing for scenting the entire home with very little maintenance it can be used 12 months of the year with minimal fuss and cost.

Why are our Air Conditioner Air Freshener Sprays such great value for money? Created using the finest ingredients these sprays DO NOT contain alcohol so there is no fragrance loss due to evaporation. With only ONE spray per day your scent lingers all day. They are also made as a pump spray and not an aerosol again no lose of scent evaporating into the air. By using pump sprays you gain as much as 40% more than commercial and store bought aerosol sprays and can last for up to 4 times longer.

How to Use - Simply spray your filters/pads whilst in your air conditioner with your chosen blend of spray. Leave to dry for approximately 2-5 minutes. Turn on your appliance and enjoy a scent that lasts all day. You will find when you turn off your appliance some scent will remain on your pads leaving a beautiful aroma whilst not in use.

They are also totally versatile and have many many uses - NOW THAT'S VALUE ALONE!

Important Ingredient Information -

  • NO dpg
  • NO Aluminum chlorohydrate
  • NO Aluminum chlorohydroxide
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Alcohol
  • Australian Made
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals